Throwback Thursday: Genetic Disorder

I say that my interest in motorcycles and racing is caused by a “genetic disorder”. My dad Sven Håkansson has ridden motorcycles all his life. Just like me, he built his own racing motorcycles – including custom engines like a 50 cc desmodromic – in his spare time. He worked as a mechanical engineer as his day job, and raced on weekends. My mom Lena, who also is a mechanical engineer, was his mechanic.

For a short period of time, they also owned a motorcycle dealership together, and this article is from the regional newspaper “Arbetet”. The title says “Couple from Helsingborg runs a unique business: She is Sweden’s Miss Motorcycle”. April 10, 1969.

My mom was 25 years old when the picture was taken; I definitely got my mom’s looks. 😉


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