There is no end to this rust….

The sea voyage to New Zealand was really tough on the poor KillaJoule. Residual salt from Bonneville absorbed water from the humid air during the transport and made the entire frame rust.


I have been scraping the frame and re-painting it piece by piece. I dissembled the entire tail with the parachute setup a couple of days ago. It looks like a plucked chicken with its tail all naked…. One more coat of paint tomorrow and it will be ready for assembly again.


You may wonder why I am not stripping down the bike to the frame and have it sandblasted and painted. The answer is simple: it is essentially impossible. The drivetrain and other components cannot be removed without cutting wires and in some cases even tubes. Many of the parts are locked in permanently either through welding or soldering (typical for a one-off build like this).

// Eva


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