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I-have-just-set-a-new-world-record-selfie. Bonneville 2016. Photo: me! (Of course, otherwise it wouldn’t be a selfie…. 🙂 )

You may have noticed that this page is not being updated much during the winter and spring. The land speed racing season is very short at Bonneville – only August through September. However, that doesn’t mean that the work stops. Racing at Bonneville means that you have 5 days to show what you have accomplished during the past 360 days.

For the day-to-day racing progress updates, follow me on social media. My Facebook is the most frequently updated, followed by Instagram and last Twitter. While building a streamliner motorcycle is like packing 20 pounds of shit into a 10 pound bag, Twitter is like packing 200 pounds into a 10 pound bag. I am still not in love with the 140 character limit on Twitter, but I do post there occasionally.

So, here are my social media accounts: (_the_ place to find my latest news. You should see the news flow to the right on your screen, but it may be blocked due to your browser settings.) (Bill’s and my shared account, pretty much the same info as above)

If you want to “friend” me instead of just “liking” me, go to to find my personal profile.

And if you want to see some nice action footage from the 2016 racing season, check out this 3  minute video:

Flat out into the future!

// Eva

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