– If I send you pictures of my science project, can you publish it on your blog?

It is possible, particularly if it is related to electric vehicles. More information under “Contact“.

May I use your photos?

Yes, if they are used to promote electric vehicles or my other missions (such as education) other projects in a positive way.

If a photos has no photo credit stated or has “EvaHakanssonRacing.com”, “KillaCycle Racing” or “KillaJoule Racing Team” as a photo credit, you are welcome to use our photos free of charge for editorial purposes. Please use the photo credit “EvaHakanssonRacing.com”, “KillaCycle Racing” or “KillaJoule Racing Team” if possible. Private blogs, newsletters, non-profit organizations and similar count as editorial purposes. We would appreciate a link or copy of the article for our archive. The pictures cannot be used for commercial products (such as coffee cups or book covers) or in advertisement without written permission.

If there is a photo credit other than EvaHakanssonRacing.com, KillaCycle Racing or KillaJoule Racing Team you are welcome to use the photos for non-commercial purposes such as on private blogs (printed and commercial media – please contact me first). Please give proper photo credit if possible. The photographers give us free photos, and giving them photo credit increases the probability that we will receive more photos in the future.

For all Media and Press inquiries please use media [insert “at” here] evahakanssonracing [dot] com

Thanks for giving our photographers credit!

– Can I get a ride in the KillaJoule?

No, I am sorry (unless you are no taller than 5 ft 2 inches (1.58 meters) and make me an offer that I cannot resist (see below)).

– Is the KillaJoule for sale?

Pretty much everything is for sale to the right price. Keep in mind that just the parts in the KillaJoule cost more than a normal family home….

– This racing seems very wasteful with travel, components etc. How can you promote low emission vehicles when you waste this much energy?

You are pointing out a difficult balance and that it sometimes takes a little bit of “wasting” to generate much bigger savings. If my racing program can result in many more people switching to electric cars, the decreased environmental impact will be many times greater than the impact from the racing program, resulting in total positive result. If it also can result in more kids deciding to pursue a career in science and technology, that may also improve their lives and increase the chances of finding technological solutions to our environmental problems and other problems such as diseases.

We are doing the best we can to keep the footprint small from our racing program. We re-charge the KillaJoule at the track from a quiet bio-diesel powered generator, and at home using electricity from the solar panels on our roof. Computers, lights in the shop and all other electricity we use at our home base including for our Nissan Leaf electric car is also from our solar panels.  We are also buying used parts when we can. Bill and I also try to live a environmentally conscious life style by buying second hand, eating mostly vegetarian and organic, and use our electric car as our primary car.

– You must be rich to be able to do all this fun stuff.

No, I am far from rich. However, I am not poor either. I sometimes joke that “racing keeps me poor”, but that is just an expression to explain how expensive racing it. Compared to most people on this planet, and I am very rich and very privileged. It is nothing I really deserved, I was just lucky enough to be born in a peaceful, rich part of the world. I am trying to use that privilege to make this planet a slightly better place to live by promoting energy efficient technology, equality, and education.

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