Computer controlled cutting plotter – the best thing since sliced bread!

Custom-made artwork is insanely expensive, and you can easily break your racing budget with just a few names and numbers for your vehicle. My $500 cutting plotter from eBay cuts up to 2 ft wide and as long as you want, and is one of my best purchases ever! It looks just like an old-fashioned plotter printer and works like a normal printer, but it has a tiny knife instead a pen. But owning a cutting plotter is a mixed blessing…

mini-IMG_5316My neighbor and fellow Bonneville racer Casey is going to the Bonneville Test-n-Tune this week. I got the “honor” to make his racing numbers and artwork. Well, I said honor, but the conversation went more like this: “I dropped off the tail in your garage. Can you put numbers on it?”. I should never have told him that I have a vinyl plotter printer and that I can do any kind of vinyl artwork……… Just kidding, I am more than happy to make  artwork and racing numbers for fellow racers. It is actually an honor to be asked to do somebody’s artwork, because it really affects the appearance of the vehicle, so you better do a good job.



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