Even bigger news: New job, new country, new bike!

Memory from our first trip to New Zealand: racing the KillaCycle at Meremere Speedway in 2010. These wonderful people (and additional wonderful people not pictured) are the reason that we are being drawn back…. and of course the wonderful opportunity to teach at a top class university.

Some of you knew it was coming, some of you suspected it, but I can finally let the cat out of the bag: I have been hired as a faculty member in mechanical engineering by The University of Auckland. Starting in January 2018, I will be teaching “Introduction to Engineering Design” to 1000 freshman engineering students. I have a two year contract to begin with, but it is completely possible that we will stay for much longer. New Zealand is a beautiful, semi-tropical island, after all. But that isn’t the main motivation; it is the circle of close friends we have made in the short times we have visited before, and the outstanding university, students, and faculty. We just couldn’t turn it down. 😉

Bill and I will relocate to New Zealand in December. The plan is to retire the KillaJoule after this year’s racing, and start the construction of its successor. With the working name “Green Envy”, this bike will look very much like the KillaJoule, but with around 1000 horsepower, it will be built with the goal to be the world’s fastest motorcycle, period. The plan is to race it at the salt flats in Australia in 2019.

Flat out into the future!

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