A new digital home!

I can finally reveal the reason for the recent silence here – I have been uber-busy coding and building a brand new website for KillaJoule, Green Envy, and all my other cool projects!

You will find us all under the same roof at www.ScienceEnvy.com! This website will remain, but updates will be posted mainly to ScienceEnvy.com.

There is a ton of information, and much more to come. I have finished about half of the pages I intend to create in the first iteration. I have so many photos and so much to tell about how we built the KillaJoule and how we are building Green Envy, the only problem is to find the time to write it… Making a living always gets in the way of racing.

I do all coding and writing myself, and sometimes typos, errors, or broken links sneak in. Please let me know if you find any of these problems.

Also – I don’t think you can miss that you can get your name on the KillaJoule and Green Envy!

P.S. STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering & Math, i.e. all the fun stuff!

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